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Chefette Six Roads, Fame Grooming closed

Chefette Six Roads, Fame Grooming closed
Public health officials conducting assessments at the Eunice Gibson Polyclinic. (Picture by Sandy Pitt)

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All staff of Chefette Six Roads are now in isolation and the branch is closed as they await the results of COVID-19 tests.

Management said one staff member attended the Boxing Day bus crawl from which at least 45 people have tested positive. That staff member’s status is still not known at this time.

The premises are undergoing a professional cleaning and sanitising in the hope that the branch can reopen on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Fame The Grooming Club, located in Holetown, St James, is also closed because a single staff member was on that bus crawl. That person is to be tested on Saturday at a polyclinic.

Several restaurants and bars announced they were closing as part of the contact tracing exercise. (SAT)