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Hastings Police Station being sanitised

Hastings Police Station being sanitised
Managing director of Mint Condition, Julston Kinch, (in blue) speaking to workers at Hastings/Worthing Police Station. (Picture by Carls Atwell)

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The Worthing/Hastings police station is abuzz this morning following the revelation an officer there was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Before 9:30 a.m., a cleaning crew from Mint Condition Industrial Services Limited was on site, some wearing Hazmat suits.

Managing director Julston Kinch said they had already cleaned two police vehicles and were preparing to go inside the building.

“We’re waiting on the okay to begin. I suspect we’ll have to clean the entire compound but this is nothing new to us, we’re accustomed to dealing with environmental issues. We’ve done a lot of this kind of work, especially in these times,” he said.

As time progressed, buses with masked officers were seen leaving the compound, presumably to take them to be tested. A senior officer, who requested anonymity, confirmed extensive testing of all the station’s officers had begun. (CA)