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Police officer has COVID, station closed for cleaning

Police officer has COVID, station closed for cleaning
The Hastings/Worthing Police Station (Picture by Sandy Pitt)

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Attorney General Dale Marshall confirmed an officer attached to the Hastings/Worthing Police Station tested positive for COVID-19 and the station will be closed temporarily.

Calling it an unfortunate development, he said other officers who came into contact with the individual were tested and are in quarantine at the Hilton Barbados.

“The station will be temporarily closed for the cleaning this morning. If it hasn’t started, it should start any minute now. It should be done thoroughly, but as soon as it is finished, we should be able to have the station reopened to police officers and the public,” Marshall told Nation News.

The Attorney General said public health officials also commenced the contact tracing exercise and they were awaiting the results of the tests. They determine the level of risk from primary contacts, those deemed to have the greatest chance of being infected, to tertiary contacts which would be further on the scale.

“What will happen over the course of this morning is that health officials will make an assessment of whether the individuals are primary, secondary or tertiary contacts. And while all have been tested, that risk chart will form the basis of whether you stay in quarantine, whether you are cleared to return to duty as long as you have tested negative, so we have to wait on the results,” Marshall said. (MB)