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‘Last Black Unicorn’ keeping identity a secret


‘Last Black Unicorn’ keeping identity a secret

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The man behind the “dark horse” seen trotting and posing at Hilton Barbados Resort this weekend, is keeping his identity a secret, for now.

The visitor with a British accent, who refers to himself as “Horsey The Dothrakicorn” or the “Last Black Unicorn”, said he escaped the dreadful winter season in his home in “Narnia” to come to Barbados where he has been for about a month.

He told Nation News during an interview today at the Needham’s Point, St Michael resort that he had been playing the character for five years, which was inspired by Game Of Thrones’ horse-mounted warriors, the Dothraki.

“It’s cold in Narnia right now. However, I didn’t think it through because this sun is not great for a black unicorn, but you have to learn through your mistakes,” he joked.

“And I know everybody wants to know about the face behind the unicorn, but I want to maintain an illusion. It is its own thing. It has its own heart, it loves, it cares and it’s different from me. Everybody told me unicorns are white, so why are you black and I didn’t have an answer.

“Then one day somebody said to me, ‘You are I think what happens when Dothraki crosses with one of their horses . . . . It’s not something I like the idea of but I thought about it and said maybe I am ‘Dothrakicorn’,” he said.

On Saturday, images and videos of “Horsey” posing by a chess board, entering the Lighthouse restaurant and posing on the beach as he celebrated his birthday, went viral on social media. Some Barbadians were confused but most people just wished him a happy birthday and thanked him for making them laugh.

“Horsey”. who is only seen for about five times a year, said he was grateful for the response, adding that all he wished for was that people become more comfortable expressing themselves. (TG)