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Alleyne leaves DLP

Alleyne leaves DLP
Simon Alleyne (FILE)

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Simon Alleyne has resigned from the Democratic Labour Party after ten years.

In confirming his resignation as of January 7, Alleyne hinted that he could be switching to another political party since he wants to serve.

“That is very possible. I’m giving serious thought to my next move since I believe I have something to offer and my skills can be used elsewhere,” Alleyne responded when questioned about switching party allegiance.

He, however, did not disclose where he was heading.

The former president of the Young Democrats, chair of the St Michael North Constituency branch and more recently the party’s second vice president, was campaigning in the St Philip North riding following the party’s loss in the 2018 elections.

“I’m grateful for the years of service I would have given to the party, but at this point as I reflect on my life and the future of Barbados and myself, I do believe that my skill set can be better utilised elsewhere,” he said. (AC)