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TAP operators call for outstanding payments, talks with Govt


TAP operators call for outstanding payments, talks with Govt
TAP owners and operators in discussion along the Mighty Grynner Highway. They said they represented a much larger group. (Picture by Shanice King)

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Some Public Service Vehicle (PSV) owners and operators who are part of the Transport Board’s Transport Augmentation Programme (TAP) have said they are tired of being paid late.

A group met along the Mighty Grynner Highway, St Michael to discuss their concerns this morning.

They will also be seeking a meeting with Government.

“Our main issue is the constant late payments by the Transport Board which is seriously affecting our operations. We are still waiting on payment for November and with mortgages, staff, maintenance, insurance and road tax we have to pay, it is hard,” said Rodney Bellamy.

“TAP has expanded since it began two years ago and we think it’s time to renegotiate our contracts,” added Colvin Yarde.

Hudeen Hinds said they had other issues such as route expansion and the number of participants in TAP. He said they were not taking any strike action now but, if the situation continued, they would have to escalate their efforts. (CA)