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LIVE UPDATES: COVID Management January 28, 2021

LIVE UPDATES: COVID Management January 28, 2021
Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic (GP)

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Key points and live updates from the January 28, 2021 COVID management press conference featuring Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic, Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw, Minister of Energy Kerrie Symmonds and infectious disease specialist Dr Corey Forde.

Thirty four news cases and two would have been at Harrison Point for assessment before.

28 were identified as Barbadian – 3 non-Barbadian – one nationality unknown until further investigation.

23 others are being sent to Harrison Point for clinical testing.

Over three days 1 454 tests of which 76 positive – just over 5 per cent.

  • Focus is on primary contact and those with symptoms.
  • The case from a private nursing home that did not start there.
  • Person was there for 90 mins.
  • All staff did tests and received negative tests
  • A positive COVID at Geriatric Hospital today.
  • The Chief Medical Officer and Senior Medical Officers went to the hospital.
  • One ward of about 16 people and staff. All negative antigen tests.
  • Now swabbing for PCR tests.
  • As soon as the testing exercise is completed, staff would be taken to a quarantine hotel, patients will go to St Lucy District Hospital for care once they have negative tests.
  • Service remains at the Hospital there. Plan in place for that to continue.
  • As soon as the testing exercise is completed, staff will be taken to a quarantine hotel.
  • Patients will go to St Lucy District Hospital for care if negative.
  • Service remains at the Geriatric Hospital. A plan is in place.
  • Prime Minister Mia Mottley says beaches will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.


Minister of Small Business Kerrie Symmonds.

LIVE UPDATES: COVID Management January 28, 2021

  • Government is asking all shop operators and vendors to register with the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Information will be sent to the Ministry of Finance with the intention of offering some financial assistance.
  • The email will be manned over the weekend [email protected]
  • Cabinet authorised the adjustment of the closure of businesses selling food.
  • Minimarts will open where there is no ease of access to supermarkets.
  • Government will be offering financial assistance to shops and vendors affected by the shutdown.
  • $750 a week for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Vendors – $250 for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Barbers, nail techs, taxi operators, beauty salons and water sports operators will also get assistance.
  • Shop owners have to register.
  • There are approximately 1 444 liquor licences.
  • 1 500 registered with vendors or under supervisor of markets under Minister of Agriculture, or registered with National Conservation Commission.
  • Government will also be working with vegetable farmers, not for financial assistance, but to connect to opportunities to provide with care packages, for example.
  • We want to reach out to as many categories of entrepreneurs to provide the safety net during this period.
LIVE UPDATES: COVID Management January 28, 2021
Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw
  • Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw to lead a team to help coordinate logistics to help the most vulnerable.
  • Over the last few days, they have been sourcing basic food items and access to agricultural produce.
  • Will be working closely with farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture.

To determine the most vulnerable:

  • People who access the social services and government departments.
  • Asking politicians and churches to highlight those who are vulnerable.
  • The Barbados Defence Force and School Meals will help with the packages.
  • Distribution of food stuff will be February 9 and 11.
  • Parents and guardians should ensure children are eating healthily.
  • Important that while taking time to pause, we look at eating habits.


  • Don’t abuse the system.
  • Government is hoping to distribute 60 000 care packages.
  • We have to spend the money sensibly.
  • We can’t have people “gaming” the system
  • There is a tendency for some people who don’t need,but may put themselves in a position to receive.
  • We also can’t afford for people to die.
  • This shutdown is to protect life.


Dr Corey Forde

  • One other person on a ventilator.
  • Eight people on oxygen.