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Barbadian man succumbs to COVID

Barbadian man succumbs to COVID

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A 62-year-old Barbadian man who was a patient at the Harrison Point Isolation Facility in St Lucy became the 15th person on the island to succumb to COVID-19.

This latest death came on Wednesday, the same day that the Ministry of Health and Wellness rolled out its community based intervention, Operation Seek and Save. The programme, which is engaging health care specialists, other professionals and interviewers, will go into communities all across Barbados to identify people who are COVID-positive or at risk of the illness.

Barbadian man succumbs to COVIDThe primary objective of the intervention is to ensure that medical professionals reach people who are infected, at risk of infection or who would be particularly vulnerable to severe consequences when infected with COVID-19.

If reached early, health care professionals are more likely to be able to prevent the onset of severe symptoms and reduce the likelihood of death. Particular emphasis is being placed on households with people across wide age ranges, elderly members and those with chronic non-communicable diseases.

Commenting on the death of the patient, Dr Corey Forde, Infectious Diseases Specialist and Head of Isolation Facilities, is reminding Barbadians that, “masks are your chief weapon. Please wear them”.

He asked residents to “look out for neighbours, the elderly, and those needing help. Get them to medical care.” He is also encouraging members of the public to cooperate when the “Seek and Save” teams come to their homes and communities and to get tested if requested.

“We are fighting to save lives. If people follow the guidelines we will win the battle.”

Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic joined Forde in extending condolences to the family now in mourning. The Minister urged prayer for the nation and Forde also asked Barbadians to pray for the healthcare professionals and frontline workers. (PR/SAT)