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US, UK condemn ‘systemic rape’ of Uighur women


US, UK condemn ‘systemic rape’ of Uighur women
China has created a sprawling network of detention camps for minorities in the Xinjiang region. (BBC)

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Washington – The United States government has said it is “deeply disturbed” by a BBC report detailing allegations of systematic rape of Uighur women in Chinese camps.

“These atrocities shock the conscience and must be met with serious consequences,” a spokesperson said.

A United Kingdom government minister, Nigel Adams, said in parliament on Thursday that the report showed “clearly evil acts”.

According to estimates, more than a million Uighurs and other minorities have been detained in camps in China.

An investigation published by the BBC on Wednesday contained first-hand testimony of systematic rape, sexual abuse and torture of women detainees by police and guards.

China’s foreign ministry has denied the allegations, accusing the BBC of making a “false report”.

Spokesman Wang Wenbin said there was “no systemic sexual assault and abuse against women” and China operated all of its facilities within guidelines on human rights.

“China is a country [ruled] by law, our constitution guarantees and protects human rights, and it is embodied in our legal system under which governments work,” he said. (BBC)