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Visitors build bench for Miami Beach


Visitors build bench for Miami Beach
Duncan McAusland sitting on the newly built bench last Friday. (Picture by Shanice King.)

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A group of visitors to Barbados has taken matters into their own hands and built and erected a wooden bench on Miami Beach, Christ Church, after the ones there were removed.

Duncan McAusland said he and two other visitors, George and his neighbour Brian, came together for this labour of love.

He said there were about six benches on the beach that had deteriorated over time and were removed last February. They were told they would be replaced but McAusland said when he left last March, the benches had not been replaced.

“The council took them away last year and they were to be replaced. And so, George from Canada and resident Brian decided to just get on with it and go do it themselves instead of waiting.

“George bought the lumber, Brian downloaded a design and specifications and, over a weekend, the bench was built,” he said happily.

The bench was erected last Thursday by the three men and a group of exercise friends before 9 a.m. when beaches are closed to the public under the current two-week lockdown.

McAusland said when the national pause was over, he intended to build some more.

“ . . . If the council and the Government can’t do it, then the people on the beach are going to do it,” he said.

McAusland said he had been visiting Barbados for the past 30 years, from mid-January to mid-March, but had spent the last ten years on the South Coast. He said they were booked to stay until March, but might extend the stay depending on the COVID situation in England. (RA)