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De Peiza: Bring back alphabet shopping

De Peiza: Bring back alphabet shopping
President of the Democratic Labour Party Verla De Peiza. (FILE)

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President of the Democratic Labour Party Verla De Peiza offered condolences to the families and friends of the nine-year-old girl and the nursing assistant who recently passed away.

In a statement, she also addressed the concerns of those in the medical profession who have been on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic and called for the reintroduction of the alphabet system of shopping and home delivery of goods to reduce the long lines and congestion at supermarkets.

The full statement follows:

As a mother, one of my deepest fears in life is losing one of my children.

Today, a mother is facing that fear due to the harsh reality of COVID 19’s prevalence on our island. It breaks my heart to imagine the pain the mother now feels knowing her child will no longer be with her.

On behalf of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) I want to offer our deepest condolences to the family.

We also take this time to offer our sympathy to the family and friends of the nursing assistant who lost her life a mere 48 hours ago. When those charged with saving our lives begin to die we know we are in serious times.

Yesterday, I was deeply moved when watching the heartfelt sentiments from Dr Lewis as we have been hearing from doctors and nurses how hard it is for them to fight a disease everyday knowing that there is a possibility that they could infect themselves or their families.

That is something that is on their mind daily as they put on their PPE and seek to ensure that all Barbadians are safe. It must be exceedingly exhausting for doctors, nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians who have been fighting this pandemic for over a year; overworked and underpaid.  We stand with you and thank you for your relentless service.

We know it is not easy to look in the face of death everyday while praying that your families are safe.

To the civil servants of this country who have gone above and beyond to ensure we fight this pandemic, and the national security of this country is not compromised we thank you also.

In the last six weeks many persons have lost their loved ones and are now struggling to cope with not only the death but the inability to properly grieve due to the current restrictions on funerals.

We understand since many of us have experienced the pain of losing a loved one and not being able to travel to pay your final respects to that person due to no fault of your own.

We constantly ask ourselves: Would families still have their loved ones with them if the Government had listened to the suggestions from the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners?

We will never know.

What we do know is that we all must play our part now.

The DLP welcomed the roll back of the decision to open minimarts and asks that the Government go one step further to reduce the crowding by reintroducing the alphabet system and allowing delivery of produce to homes. We can all police our distancing if produce is dropped at our doors as with the hampers currently being distributed.

The constant crowding at supermarkets is no way to reduce spread. It will have the opposite effect.

We must continue our sanitising, wearing our masks and social distancing so that no more parents, children, doctors, or nurses will have to cry themselves to sleep because they lost a child or a colleague due to COVID 19. (PR/SAT)