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AG clears the air on fishing during national pause

AG clears the air on fishing during national pause
Attorney General Dale Marshall. (Picture by Jameel Springer)

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While Government’s latest COVID-19 directive does not prevent fishermen from taking their boats out to sea, if they choose to, they should do so fully cognizant of the fact that the same directive prohibits the opening of fish markets.

In expanding on his response to a question during an online press conference earlier today, Attorney General Dale Marshall explained that these two facts required fishermen to examine carefully all the circumstances to determine what would work for them and what would not.

“So, if you are engaged in long-line fishing and plan to be at sea for the next two weeks or so, there may be absolutely no problem,” Marshall said.

“But if you are thinking of going fishing for a day or two, you have to recognise that with the markets closed, there will be no opportunity for you to safely and hygienically land your catch.

“So, we have not prohibited fishing, but fishermen are encouraged to use their good judgement, which, in the current situation, may suggest to them it is better to just stay put.”

During that Press conference, AG Marshall also assured fisherman that they would not be prevented from visiting places were their boats are anchored in order to check on the safety of the vessels, particularly given the rough seas around the country in recent times. (PR)