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100 Things to do in 10 days

Katrina Welch

100 Things to do in 10 days
Start a kitchen garden. (FILE)

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Stay at home.

As simple as the message is, it is difficult for many to accept because not every house is a home.

Being asked to remain in your home, especially if you live alone and/or struggle with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, can be a challenge.

For many, it feels like a prison sentence. The silence becomes loud and the mind can become focused on the negative thoughts, the fears and the stress of being cooped up in the same space for an extended period of time.

So, if you’re at a loss as to how to occupy your time during this renewed stay at home period, here are some ideas:

  1. Get fresh air and sunlight (within the boundary of your yard or curtilage of course).
  2. Write a “Post COVID” bucket list.
  3. Read a classic novel.
  4. Read an inspirational book.
  5. Create a vision board.
  6. Write a gratitude list of everything you’re thankful for.
  7. Write a letter to your future self.
  8. Fix a puzzle or two.
  9. Create a photo collage of your loved ones.
  10. Tap into your creativity, write a song, poem or short story.
  11. Learn to draw.
  12. Paint a picture.
  13. Learn to sew or knit.
  14. Learn photography.
  15. Try a new hairstyle, making a wig or installing a weave.
  16. Write a monthly budget.
  17. Explore ways to decrease your expenses and increase your savings.
  18. Watch Barbadian films.
  19. Watch movies from a different culture.
  20. Watch a series you’ve never had time for.
  21. Sign up for an online educational course.
  22. Do research on a topic of interest.
  23. Learn more features in the Microsoft Office Suite.
  24. Get a head start on assignments if you’re studying.
  25. Supervise children who are attending online school.
  26. Find a how-to video online and learn a new hobby.
  27. Teach your hobby to someone else.
  28. Host or attend an online games night.
  29. Host a family movie night or games night for those in your household.
  30. Dust off your old instruments, and practice.
  31. Make home videos.
  32. Start a YouTube channel.
  33. Watch a live stream of a topic you find interesting.
  34. Fill the kiddie pool and have some water day fun.
  35. Clear your phone, delete useless photos, videos, memes and chats.
  36. Clean up your email, empty your inbox.
  37. Try a new recipe (bonus points if it’s a local dish).
  38. Cook two dishes native to other countries.
  39. Teach someone else your favourite recipe.
  40. Repack and organise your shelves and pantry.
  41. Throw away expired items in the pantry and fridge.
  42. Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer.
  43. Clean the top of the cupboards, and beneath the sink.
  44. Clean your stove and small appliances.
  45. Wash the “good plates and china” which only come out for visitors.
  46. Start a recycling and composting project.
  47. Repurpose empty containers, as vases, plant pots and for storage.
  48. Change the water which was stored for hurricane season or sudden outages.
  49. Throw out empty boxes, bottles and containers around the house.
  50. Rearrange your bedroom.
  51. Pack away your laundry.
  52. Empty your wardrobe, only put back in what fits and can still be worn.
  53. Sort the remaining clothes into “give away” and “throw away” piles.
  54. Clean your shoes.
  55. Dust your vanity and throw out empty cosmetic containers.
  56. Sort toy baskets, throwing old the old, broken and outgrown.
  57. Sort through old books and take out those which can be given away.
  58. If possible, repaint the walls, adding an accent colour.
  59. Change your curtains and bed linen.
  60. Clean your fans and AC units.
  61. Clean out all the junk drawers.
  62. Dust your ornaments and trophies.
  63. Vacuum your rugs.
  64. Rearrange your living room.
  65. Refurbish the furniture and floors, varnish, wax and shine.
  66. Fix leaky pipes around the home.
  67. Change your water filters.
  68. Start your home remodelling projects.
  69. Complete unfinished tiling projects.
  70. Trim the hedges and plants.
  71. Weed the garden.
  72. Clear the bush growing on your curtilage.
  73. Repot plants which have outgrown their pots.
  74. Start a small kitchen garden.
  75. Plant a fruit tree (and remember to water it).
  76. Create a floral arrangement.
  77. Build a dog house.
  78. Wash the car and clean its interior.
  79. Look for and dispose of containers outside which can collect rainwater.
  80. Clean your drains and gutters.
  81. Scrub your yard, driveway, outdoor steps and patios.
  82. Check your perimeter for possible breaches in need of repair.
  83. Fix the paling.
  84. Clean the grease trap.
  85. Complete small repair projects.
  86. Start a new diet.
  87. Commit to a short daily fitness routine.
  88. Join the family fun skipping challenge on social media.
  89. Try a dance fitness or aerobics routine.
  90. Practice yoga and breathing exercises.
  91. Learn how to meditate.
  92. Spend some time in prayer and fasting.
  93. Give yourself a manicure, pedicure and facial.
  94. Go to bed early.
  95. Follow, watch and read reliable sources for news and information.
  96. Be kind in your comments and posts to others on social media.
  97. Reach out to and reconnect with an old friend.
  98. Check in on your family and friends.
  99. Be kind to yourself.
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