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Saharan Dust on Sunday

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Saharan Dust on Sunday

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A plume of Saharan dust haze is forecast to affect Barbados and the marine area on Sunday.

A dust-haze advisory is issued when dust haze has already started or is forecast to reduce visibility between 5 to 10km within 48 hours across the island and within the marine area.

Although the dust haze plume to the east of Barbados is still expected to affect the island from Sunday, model guidance now suggests it will be less significant than initially forecasted.

As a result, the advisory was shifted to Sunday only, before waning the following day. If this decreasing trend continues over the next 12 to 18 hours, then the advisory will be terminated early on Sunday.

Residents, visitors, and marine users should be prepared to take action, as a significant reduction in visibility is either likely or is already occurring.

People with respiratory issues or allergies should ensure they travel with, or have close at hand, all prescribed medications.

Marine users should monitor the situation closely, along with the forecast for any further deterioration. (PR)