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CARICOM Youth Ambassadors up for the task

CARICOM Youth Ambassadors up for the task
CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Java Sealy and Meghan Theobalds. - (GP)

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Barbados’ newly appointed CARICOM Youth Ambassadors, Java Sealy and Meghan Theobalds whose tenure started on February 1 and goes to July 31, 2022, are eager to get started on their task of engaging, empowering, and educating Barbadian and regional youth about their community.

They say they are honoured to have been chosen and despite having to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, they intend to utilise technology to reach and engage their audience.

“It is a privilege for me to be appointed the male CARICOM Youth Ambassador. I’m very optimistic and excited about my appointment, because in many ways, it legitimises my opportunity to influence the young people who I feel so passionately about as a collective. I’m even more passionate about being able to fly and encourage others to fly the CARICOM flag higher in our own communities. It’s always an honour to be called to serve, despite the amount of work that goes unseen to successfully execute any projects we might have as Ambassadors,” said  22-year-old Sealy.

Theobalds, Miss Barbados Universe 2018, views the appointment as “a privilege I don’t take for granted”.

“While I have had experience representing my country, I eagerly look forward to expanding that representation to the rest of our beautiful Caribbean region and championing a cause I feel strongly about: our Community.

“I firmly believe that CARICOM’s success and the idea of regional integration can be furthered with a strong grassroots movement advocating for community togetherness and identity. Tremendous work has been done to strengthen CARICOM, resulting in numerous successes such as our credible CARICOM institutions like the University of the West Indies, Caribbean Examination Council, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency, and Caribbean Development Bank. Some could even argue that our beloved men in maroon (West Indies Team) are a representation of CARICOM. Building on this legacy, I hope to enhance the spirit of CARICOM at the community level,” she added. (GBM)