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LIVE UPDATES: COVID Management March 11, 2021

LIVE UPDATES: COVID Management March 11, 2021
Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. (GP)

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Key points and live updates from the March 11, 2021 COVID management press conference featuring Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley

  • There were 19 positive cases – 7 males 12 females – yesterday.
  • Thirty-eight people are being released.
  • There have been steady declines recently in the number of new cases.
  • New confirmed cases in last 2 weeks under review are: 520.
  • This represents a 46 per cent decrease over the last 2 weeks.
  • As at 4 p.m. today, we have done 50 621 vaccinations.
  • There was a great demand for vaccines.
  • You can get vaccines but the prices are greater than you would otherwise pay.
  • We are prepared to purchase outside those we have already committed to receive from COVAX.
  • We expect the first tranche of 33 600 from COVAX in the near future.
  • 5 000 more vaccines were received from Guyana today.
  • This means we will be able to continue the vaccine programme.
  • We expect we can turn the corner by having vaccines on demand for Barbadians.
  • We will continue to treat the elderly, those with chronic NCDs.
  • We agreed to expand on the frontline workers.
  • Some people who said no before said they want to be vaccinated.
  • Will expand to 3 new communities and start to give vaccines to people in those communities to disrupt the virus from having a host.
  • We are using a multiple approach to these matters
  • We agreed to expand the testing.
  • Barbados committed to paying for vaccines.
  • A Supplemental will be going to Parliament next week so we are in a position to pay for the vaccines.
  • The Vaccine Fund has been set up and details will be shared.
  • Next week March 17 will be one year we recorded our first COVID-19 case.
  • Barbados is not out of the woods, but we are trending in the right direction,
  • There will be some liberalising of restrictions and I ask all Barbadians not to drop your guard.
  • The Prime Minister indicated she has been touring the country and there appears to be greater compliance. She thanked Barbadians for their cooperation.
  • Coming out of a meeting of Cabinet today, the curfew will now be from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Sunday remains closed to supermarkets and commercial activity.
  • Work resumes for the most part on March 15, 2021.
  • What remains closed: Gyms, pleasure craft, charters, team sports/contact sports, squash, table tennis.
  • Diving, golf, hiking, walking are allowed.
  • Barbers, hairdressers, aestheticians are open.
  • Restaurants can open up for in-house dining.
  • Fast food restaurants will continue, but no in-house dining.
  • No congregating around the bars.
  • Transportation: 60 per cent restriction will move to 75 per cent, but masks must be worn.
  • Day nurseries/day care facilities will be opened.
  • Meetings surrounding the arrangements for schools will be held next week.
  • The Prime Minister appealed to people to follow the protocols.
  • Companies must put compliance officers in place.
  • Businesses may reopen but curfews remain in place.
  • People can go back to work.
  • The numbers for weddings/funerals/church service will now be 75 (maximum). No wedding receptions.
  • People must be able to be 6ft apart.
  • No change in beach access.
  • No change in exercise times.
  • The only way we will get through this is if we stay together.
  • When we drop our guard, the chances of fighting this pandemic drops significantly.
  • The Attorney General will draft the directive.