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Atherley: Sir Courtney served with distinction


Atherley: Sir Courtney served with distinction
Sir Courtney Blackman.

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Following is a tribute from Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley on the passing of former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Sir Courtney Blackman.

“Our nation has been and is blessed in many and significant ways. Among them is the high sense of enduring vision embodied and exemplified in servants of exceptional distinction and worth to whom the duty falls to lead.

“It is in the pursuit of such duty that often unquestioned integrity is established and institutions of the greatest consequence are birthed.

“Such institutions constitute lasting memorials unintentionally self-constructed; silent testaments of individual honour which speak far more loudly in the interests and service of the national community.

“Servants such as the late Sir Courtney Blackman march through their time leaving humble imprints in the golden sands of civic commitment and stellar accomplishments. Others is the privilege so to follow as we grow our nation and our national architecture from seeds so planted. Thank you, Sir Courtney, for your labours.

“Sincerest condolences to his widow, Gloria, and children, from the Leader of the Opposition.” (PR)