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VIDEO: Leave room for us on the road

VIDEO: Leave room for us on the road
Adrian Bowen (GP)

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Barbadians using the roads for exercise or leisure not only want motorists to slow down and be more accommodating, but they also want something done about some areas that pose a clear and present danger.

For years motorists and other road users have been at odds over road use, but non-motorists are at a severe disadvantage when an accident occurs, sometimes resulting in loss of life. To make matters worse, there are some areas which have no sidewalks thereby forcing walkers/runners onto the path of traffic.

Nation News took a walk with hiker/runner Adrian Bowen, our circulation manager, who said it was not always a matter of simply avoiding those areas as there were several factors involved, including where one lived.

We also spoke with bicyclist Nicole Scott about the dangers they face and the campaign to ‘Help Us Make It Home Safely’.