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Shelter for homeless open 24 hours

Shelter for homeless open 24 hours
Barbados Alliance To End Homelessness (FILE)

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The Barbados Alliance to End Homelessness is opening its shelter for 24 hours until the threat of the volcanic ash passes.

President and chairman Kemar Saffrey said the homeless were at a disadvantage at this time and it was important to cater to them.

“Usually we open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. but we have decided to move to a 24 hour system until we are given clear directives. We recognise the ash is causing burning eyes and can affect anyone with respiratory illness so we can’t just leave the homeless on the roads,” he said.

The shelter is located on Spry Street in The City.

Saffrey said the homeless did not have the funds to purchase medications so the next best thing was to keep them indoors. He said teams from the alliance would be out on the streets alerting the homeless they could find shelter as well as providing water and masks for those who opted not to take up the offer.

“The ashes are getting worse and many homeless people are elderly so we have to protect as many people as we can,” he said, adding all COVID-19 protocols would be followed.

Saffrey urged anyone who knew a homeless person to either inform them of the shelter or call the alliance at 538-2480. (CA)