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Cleanup begins in north


Cleanup begins in north
Cleanup at Port St Charles, St Peter. (Picture by Davandra Babb)

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Residents and business owners in the north were busy this morning cleaning their properties after two days of ash fall from the La Soufrière Volcano in St Vincent.

People said though more ash fall was possible, they wanted to avoid a buildup.

In St Lucy, which was heavily affected on Saturday, some residents were breathing a sigh of relief after consistent rainfall Sunday night into Monday morning helped to wash away some of the dust.

However, others told Nation News the mix of ash and rainwater made cleaning more difficult.

Businesses in Speightstown remained closed today, however, a few business owners assessed affected areas and began their clean-up process.

This formed part of the national effort to clear ash dumped by the La Soufriere volcano. Explosive eruptions of the volcano began on Friday.  (DB)


Cleanup begins in north
A householder at Maycock’s Terrace, St Lucy. (Picture by Davandra Babb)