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Bay Gardens cleanup

Carlos Atwell

Bay Gardens cleanup
Cleanup of the Bay Gardens at Oistins, Christ Church, started around 5 a.m. and will extend into Thursday. (GP)

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Around 15 members of the Oistins Bay Gardens community have taken up the challenge of cleaning up ash from the area.

Chairman of Oistins Bay Gardens Inc., Kemar Harris, said they decided to take matters into their own hands as they were the ones who used the area for business.

“Because of the eruption [in St Vincent], Barbados is covered in ash which of course includes Bay Gardens, so we the Bay Gardens family have come together in an effort to clean the whole compound, our space of work,” Harris said.

“It has been a rough period with COVID-19 and now this ash and with tourism down but we continue to give God thanks and want to keep encouraging the Prime Minister and the Government, especially the National Conservation Commission, as they do their best for us and the citizens of Barbados.”

Harris said the work began at 5 a.m. and would most likely last the whole day and continue tomorrow.

He said they took instructions from the Barbados Water Authority and were using as little water as possible, instead option for pan carts (wheelbarrows), brooms, shovels and elbow grease.

He also wanted to convey sympathy to the people of St Vincent, saying: “we wish them the best in Jesus’ name”.

A national cleanup exercise started in Barbados on Monday. (CA)