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Back to school for St Lucian children

Back to school for St Lucian children

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CASTRIES, St Lucia, Apr 17, CMC – Students will return to the physical setting of their classrooms when the new school term opens on Monday, education officials have confirmed.

The Ministry of Education said that the decision was taken after consultation with stakeholders and that educational institutions will operate from Monday to Friday based on the established school hours.

“Some schools will adopt a Whole School Approach, based on physical infrastructure and school population. Thirty- four schools will operate using the Alternate-Day system. A six-day cycle will be used, thus providing at least three days of face-to-face instruction to students,” the ministry said in a statement.

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced schools here to re-adjust their operations with most classes being conducted on live over the past year.

“During this academic year, distributed learning using various modalities at our educational institutions has been the norm. We applaud educators and parents as they supported their students and wards,” the ministry said, adding ‘of paramount importance is the health and safety of students and staff.

It said support staff have been charged with the responsibility of preparing the physical plant. Moreover, the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations continues to rely on the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, so as to ensure that classes are conducted in a safe environment.

The authorities said that mass crowd gatherings will not be permitted at this time and porting activities are limited to small group physical engagement and non-contact sporting activities.

“Educators are encouraged to engage in prior preparation to ensure a smooth reopening and execution of classes at schools island-wide. The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations will continue to remain in close contact with stakeholders. Our goal is to have students receive the required instruction and support in their educational journeys,” the ministry added. (CMC)