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More water protests in St Joseph


More water protests in St Joseph
Some of the protestors holding signs. While water was the main concern, they said they were upset about what they termed the "overall neglect" of Burkes Village, April 20, 2021 . (Picture by Shanice King)

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Burkes Village, St Joseph residents protested today as a result of continued water shortages.

They also complained about the state of roads, lack of access to jobs and a “lack of representation”.

In response Member of Parliament for St Joseph Dale Marshall said he was happy with his level of representation and reminded residents that the constituency was a large one and, overall, St Joseph was receiving much attention.

He said St Joseph’s water problems would soon be a thing of the past and said there were ongoing housing, jobs and road projects.

On Sunday, residents in Vaughn’s Road and Horse Hill, also in St Joseph, complained about frequent lack of access to water, which is now being compounded by ash from explosive eruptions of the La Soufriere Volcano in St Vincent.

At the time, Marshall asked residents to be patient and gave the assurance that Barbados Water Authority personnel were working to resolve the water issue.

He said the past week had not been easy and BWA personnel had encountered challenges and worked long hours trying to satisfy the need for water need. (CA)


More water protests in St Joseph
A Barbados Water Authority tanker in Burkes Village, St Joseph while residents were protesting, April 20, 2021. (Picture by Shanice King)