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Former Accra workers still waiting on severance

Carlos Atwell

Former Accra workers still waiting on severance
Former employees of Accra Beach Hotel are demanding the rest of their severance which was due last month. (Picture by Lennox Devonish)

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Chanting slogans and crying for justice, around 40 disgruntled former workers of Accra Beach Hotel marched in protest this morning.

The issue surrounded them opting for severance in September last year but only receiving 70 per cent, with the remainder to have been paid by the end of last month.

The irate men and women gathered across by The Abidah by Accra Barbados in Enterprise Beach Road, Christ Church. Spokesman Natasha Burgin said many former workers were unable to buy food for Christmas. She also accused the Barbados Workers Union of ignoring their plight.

Joining them was Opposition leader Reverend Joseph Atherley, who said capital was being given priority over people and urged Government to bring such employers to heel.

“You cannot make agreements which are so trivially broken. We have a Minister of Labour who said he does not know the level of unemployment; we have a Minister of Tourism who made an agreement only for it to be breached. I’m calling on Government to bring these employers to heel. Government has given millions to prop up the hotel sector yet these people cannot get their due,” he said.

Carrying placards demanding to be paid, the former hotel workers marched in front The Abidah under the watchful eye of police officers. (CA)