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Backbencher chides BLP

Backbencher chides BLP
MP Trevor Prescod (FILE)

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Government backbencher Trevor Prescod chided the Barbados Labour Party administrations for their treatment meted out to late MP Joseph Edghill over his 14 years as a parliamentarian.

In his tribute to the late MP in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Prescod claimed Edghill was treated like an outsider who was not accepted into the inner circles of the party, and suffered the frustration over continuous failure on the part of Government to respond to his requests to have things done in his constituency.

Prescod said that frustration on the part of the Christ Church West MP, with whom he had a very close friendship, was often revealed by Edghill in tears and open confrontations with other MPs outside the Chamber at the end of parliamentary sessions.

He suggested that parliamentarians should visit Edghill’s grave on the anniversary of his death and should erect some commemorative symbol there, representative of his contribution to his constituency. (GC)