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Laws to ease doing business

Gercine Carter

Laws to ease doing business
Senator Kay McConney (GP)

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Acting Leader of the Senate, Kay McConney, says the Liquor License Bill 2021 comes at a time when Government must re-look “cumbersome and convoluted processes” which make doing business in Barbados difficult.

While introducing the Bill, the Government Senator said it was drafted following thorough research and investigation by a special committee which made recommendations based on their findings.

Opposition Senator Crystal Drakes expressed general support for the bill but asked for clarity on the license fees to be charged.

She noted the absence in the proposed legislation, of a schedule of fees people would now have to pay for liquor licenses and pointed to that section of the Bill that gave the Minister authority in this area of regulation, while questioning the thinking behind this.

The Liquor License Bill 2021 was debated in the Senate on Wednesday. (GC)