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UPP urges Barbadians to place an emphasis on self-sufficiency


UPP urges Barbadians to place an emphasis on self-sufficiency

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) said Barbadians must focus on self-sufficiency and strengthen community relationships at this time of crisis.

The UPP said the mission must be to have communities or groups of people within communities organised to take on specific tasks in the likelihood of a disaster or other unnatural occurrences that disrupt their livelihoods.

“The value of strong community connection is the next best step in preparation for the unexpected,” the UPP said in a media statement on Friday. “The UPP has always believed in offering a strong community policy platform to Barbados.

“The advent of COVID-19 has demonstrated that the stronger your community, the better you would be individually to deal with any catastrophe whether it be pandemic, prolonged utility outages or hurricane.”

The political party said it is possible that the communities, which are normally considered disadvantaged when a pandemic or catastrophe hits, could be the best prepared for the worst.

“These groups of people are often more closely knit and interact with each other more often,” the UPP said. “We must not allow the digital era to disrupt this unique connectivity. Now is the time to organise.

“This is opportune moment to grab hold of community leaders and begin to have meaningful conversation about protecting and providing for the infants, children, mothers and the elderly.

“People power can bring great relief. In times of need and panic, we can help each other. It begins with organisation.”

The UPP said communities need to start having meetings with the youth and interest groups, appoint leaders who are capable of managing the task of community organisation and have weekly meetings about the needs of the community and how to look after assisting the most vulnerable.

The political party said communities also need to identify land that can be used in community farming projects, find experts in the areas in which they need assistance, build community organisation, and be empathetic and respectful as they discuss plans to build community resilience.

“Freedom and self-sufficiency begin with the first step of valuing self and each other, which drives you to organise to protect and defend your way of life,” the UPP said.

“Community provides you with the security and stability to access your greatness. The future is uncertain, let us plan now to succeed.”