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UPP statement on the death of police officer Newton Lewis


UPP statement on the death of police officer Newton Lewis

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Following is a statement from the United Progressive Party on the death of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis

“The United Progressive Party (UPP) wishes to extend sincerest condolences to the family and colleagues of Acting Station Sergeant Newton Lewis.

“His commitment to law enforcement and bravery during an armed robbery is a reminder of the escalating threats to stability under which our communities and the RBPF [Royal Barbados Police Force] now endure. For us, he is a true hero.

“Guns are flowing freely into our island and reigning terror on all communities far and wide. The UPP is calling on Government to review its current approach to gun crime and swiftly implement new effective strategies which will immediately eradicate gun related crime specifically.

“We recommend:

  1. New policies to interrupt sources of illegal guns.
  2. Develop strategies to deterring illegal gun possession.
  3. Identifying and immediately eliminating known criminal elements
  4. Reinstate joint RBPF and BDF patrols
  5. Expedite gun related criminal cases in the court system

Barbadians are currently under tremendous pressure due to the pandemic and the subsequent economic downturn. We cannot allow violence to deflate the hope of our citizens. Crime is not a matter to be addressed by the Attorney General, but the Prime Minister and her entire Cabinet. Act immediately. Act swiftly!” (PR)