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BARP says Trojan Riddim video unacceptable and obscene

BARP says Trojan Riddim video unacceptable and obscene
Marilyn Rice-Bowen (FILE)

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The Barbados Association of Retired Persons Inc. (BARP) joined in the condemnation of what it called “the unacceptable and obscene” Trojan Riddim Mix music video that “not only tarnishes the country’s image put sends the wrong message in the fight against crime and violence”.

In a statement today, president Marilyn Rice-Bowen said the society was already worried about the impact the upsurge in gun violence was having in our homes on the streets, the healthcare system and the fear it caused many people, especially seniors.

“We cannot, therefore, allow this ‘bad boy culture’ to become entrenched in our society. For our artistes to glamorise this type of unacceptable behaviour in a music video suggests there is an attempt at trivialising, normalising and embedding this in our social environment.”

The BARP president said this video not only is totally unaccepted but it must not be embraced as poetic licence, neither must the criticism be dismissed as an attempt to stymie creativity.

”We understand what is in good taste; we know what is right and what is wrong; this music video featuring some of OUR leading artistes is offensive and objectionable. They have displayed poor judgment.

“At a time when the country is still coming to grips with the brutal killing of a policeman and the continuing incidence of shootings, there must be no glamorisation of violence, whether in advertisements, music videos, music being played on our airwaves nor on public service vehicles”, she added.

The BARP president warned that there could be no silent bystanders in this particular issue, since the society must be united in upholding high standards and maintaining decency. (PR)