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Choksi denied bail for second time


Choksi denied bail for second time
Mehul Choksi (GP)

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ROSEAU – Chief magistrate Candia Carette George again denied bail to India-born, Antigua & Barbuda citizen, Mehul Choksi on Friday.

The chief magistrate told the 62-year-old accused, who claimed that he had been kidnapped in Antigua and brought to Dominica on May 23, that he will remain detained at the Dominica-Friendship Hospital because of his health condition.

Choksi pleaded not guilty to the charge of entering Dominica illegally through Toucarie, a small fishing village located on the northwest coast, a port not approved as a port of entry.

He was first denied bail when he appeared in the magistrate’s court on Wednesday. The prosecution deemed him to be a flight risk.

Choksi will remain at the hospital until Monday, June 7, when he makes another appearance before the chief magistrate.

George said if Choksi’s condition improves, he will then be remanded to the Dominica state prison at Stockfarm on the outskirts of the capital, until his matter is heard on June 14.

Meanwhile, his lawyers have filed an application for bail at the High Court. The application will be heard on Tuesday next week.