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Mikey releases first summer track

Mikey releases first summer track
Mikey (FILE)

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Soca Monarch Mikey is already bringing the sweet summer party vibes with his new track Company.

Released about three weeks ago, the catchy tune that is easily relatable for the people who miss being with friends as the coronavirus pandemic marches on, is the first of his musical offerings for this summer.

Mikey told Weekend Buzz he was inspired to write Company, which was produced by Michael Knight of MSK Productions and recorded by Chris Allman of Slam City Studios, during the lockdown and curfew period.

“It was a case where I felt I would really like this to blow over ‘cause it gets lonely; not only from a romantic standpoint but hanging out with your friends. I said, ‘Boy, I can’t wait till I have li’l company. I [realised] it was an interesting angle but then shifted it a little bit.

“You know sometimes, and this is from a personal experience as well, where you’ll be in a party and there’s this one girl you’re admiring but you don’t have the confidence to approach her? And sometimes the DJ plays a song that helps you out and you go in front of or behind her and sing the lyrics of the song and you get a smirk? That’s the angle I chose to go from,” he said.

He said that so far the response to the track in Barbados as well as regionally and internationally has been “very, very good” and “it’s picking up traction”.

“I’m thankful overall. Sometimes you have to flip the negative into a positive,” he added.

Mikey also told Buzz he’s ready to get back out there on stage to perform whether it’s in Barbados, the region, or beyond, but that would be after wrapping up the few projects he’s working on now.

“I’ll definitely ready to be on the move again,” he said.

Asked whether he was preparing for Crop Over or no Crop Over this year, he said he can only forsee if the festivities get the green light, “that it’s going to be a smaller scale but within the controlled environs”.

“I’m ready to go, but regardless if there’s officially a Crop Over or not I still have more music to release for Crop Over/ summer and otherwise. So I’m ready. I’m just awaiting official word on what’s happening and if there’s none, I’ll operate to suit; if there is, I will operate to suit,” said Mikey. (GBM)