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Fogging Schedule June 7-11

Fogging Schedule June 7-11

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Several communities in St Philip are scheduled to be sprayed this week, under the Ministry of Health and Wellness’ Fogging Programme.

Beginning Monday, June 7, the team will visit Bayfield, St Catherine, Skeetes Bay, Wiltshire Avenue, Clarkes Hill, Sealy Hill, Ragged Point, Marley Vale, Culpepper Development, Industry Hall, Merricks, Lyders Hill, Sealy Hall, Content Cot, Blue Dolphin Drive, Cole’s Terrace, Cole’s Close, Cole’s Road, River View Road, Peat Bay, Hill Drive and environs.

On Tuesday, June 8, the exercise will continue at Hill Drive, Apple Hall, Bottom Bay, Inchcape, Casuarina Drive, Lynch’s Tenantry, River Land and surrounding areas.

The following communities will be fogged on Wednesday, June 9: Harry Smith Road, Harmony Hall, Castle Heights, Eastbourne, Long Bay, Sam Lords Castle, Seaview, Robertson Road, Gooseberry Drive, Ruby Park, Briar Avenue, Lilac Avenue, Cherry Drive, Pine Avenue, Avocado Close, Manchineel Drive and environs. The team will spray Casuarina Street, Oleander Close, Begonia Close, Bougainvillea Avenue, Cactus Avenue, Balsam Avenue, Sandbox Avenue, Ruby, Union Road, Union Park, Belair, Tangerine Street, Plum Close, Flamboyant Close, Mahoe Circle, Plantain Drive, Mahogany Drive, Apple Drive, and neighbouring districts on Thursday, June 10.

And on Friday, June 11, Bayshore Drive, Long Bay Development, Atlantic Park, Falmouth Avenue, Belair Road, Hutson Drive, Hibiscus Drive, Greenidge Close, Drake’s Land, Sandy Hill, Bushell Drive, Crane Park North, Crane Garden, and surrounding areas will be fogged.

Fogging will be conducted between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. each day, and householders are encouraged to open their windows and doors to allow the spray to enter. (BGIS)