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Funding the Future

Funding the Future
Marketing Manager at Fortress Fund Managers, Kim Howard. (GP)

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Learn more about finances via the Nation’s social media platforms.

The Nation, in association with Fortress Fund Managers, is making this possible through a series of investment and finance posts that will be hosted on the Nation’s Facebook and Instagram platforms. Readers can expect daily content covering a range of investment tools and financial topics as well as an opportunity to participate in polls and ask questions.

Funding the Future
Kelly Johnally (FILE)

Business Development Manager at The Nation, Kelly Johnally, explained that the company recognised its responsibility to use its reach to provide readers with content that spoke directly to their areas of interest.

“Our online community is robust and engaged. Readers’ comments and statistical insights behind our posts reveal a desire for credible information and open discussion on investment and financial matters. The Nation is pleased to leverage its reach and the expertise of Fortress to facilitate discussion in this area.”

Speaking on the series, Marketing Manager at Fortress Fund Managers, Kim Howard noted that anxiety and misinformation surrounding investment and financial matters were high at this time.

“Understandably, people are trying to make the most of the resources they have. Unfortunately, in the absence of credible information it is difficult to make decisions for the future and avoid unnecessary risk,” Howard said.

The marketing manager asserted that social discomfort around discussing financial matters exacerbated the situation.

“Fuelling this is an element of embarrassment surrounding talking about finances. Many feel uncomfortable asking questions or speaking up when they don’t understand money matters; this shouldn’t happen. We want to demystify some of the information out there about investing through a series that builds public understanding and inspires confidence in decision making.”

The series begins on Monday June 7. Readers can view the posts at @nation246 on Instagram and @NationBarbados on Facebook. (PR)