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Jordan: NIS continues to pay benefits


Jordan: NIS continues to pay benefits
Minister of Labour Colin Jordan. (FILE)

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The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) continues to pay unemployment benefits as it helps Barbadians navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Already for the year, the scheme has paid out $16 million for the first quarter to 20 260 people, in addition to the $155.5 million paid out last year under the unemployment benefits claim.

Minister of Labour Colin Jordan gave these figures while speaking during the NIS’ 54th anniversary church service, which was held virtually, today.

He also urged self-employed people to contribute to the scheme. Registration remained low in 2020, with the NIS reporting 3 156 registered self-employed people.

However, special provisions were made for self-employed people who were affected by the pandemic and a one-time business interrupted benefit given.

“This resulted in the payment of the one-time business interrupted benefit of $1 500 per month for April and May 2020, to 1 477 self-employed persons who met the qualifying criteria, totalling approximately $4.4 million,” Jordan said. (RA)