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Major health hazard stalls multi-million dollar tourism investment project at Bathsheba

Major health hazard stalls multi-million dollar tourism investment project at Bathsheba
Photos of Edgewater Parcel B in a deplorable state. See gallery below. (GP)

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Rats, vermin, faeces, mosquitoes and vagrants have taken over one of the island’s most picturesque areas along the East Coast – creating major health hazards for residents in surrounding districts.

The area in question is the neglected parcel of land (referred to as ‘Parcel B’) at Bathsheba, St Joseph – owned by property development company Villa Development Inc. (VDI). The security on the project in the form of the land is held by the National Bank of Dominica (NDB).

The parcel of land has been allowed to fall into a deplorable state, and it is alleged that in October 2018, a cleanup order was issued for ‘Parcel B’ by the Government of Barbados, which to date has not been executed nor has the order been enforced.

The neighbouring area of land, referred to as ‘Parcel A,’ is owned by Ullswater Limited, which has maintained its area and has paid all land taxes and costs associated with maintaining their piece of land, but is unable to start work on a multi-million dollar project due to safety concerns for its workers, who cannot execute their duties due to the hazardous state of Parcel B and safety concerns.

Due to the what appeared to be the refusal of VDI to adhere to an outstanding cleanup order likely issued by the Government of Barbados, Ullswater Limited cannot begin work on the project, which is expected to generate approximately one hundred employment opportunities for Barbadians over the course of its development and be a major tourism revenue earner.

When contacted, Ullswater Limited said “it has major plans for its side of the property for a world-class boutique style hotel, visually fitting in with the laidback East Coast Barbados lifestyle, and a beach house comparable to the finest in the world.” However, the company says it “cannot begin the project under the current critical health hazards caused by Parcel B”.

It adds that “the environmental issues are such that any further investment and development would not be possible without the site being cleared and the various hazards removed”.

Several efforts to reach a senior representative within the National Bank of Dominica have proved futile.

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