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Royal Navy ready to assist Caribbean during hurricane season


Royal Navy ready to assist Caribbean during hurricane season
HMA Medway and RFA Wave Knight at sea. (GP)

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The Royal Navy has formed a task force in the Caribbean to provide immediate assistance to the region throughout the 2021 Hurricane Season.

The RFA Wave Knight has joined the patrol ship HMS Medway to significantly enhance the assistance in the event of a natural disaster. The two ships arrived in Barbados . . . for a short visit. They will be working with authorities in Barbados and across the region in the coming weeks to plan, prepare and coordinate any response if needed.

HMS Medway provides the Royal Navy’s permanent presence in the Caribbean and is now into her second storm season. She has been joined by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary support ship Wave Knight, with a Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter embarked alongside specialist personnel, equipment and supplies for disaster relief, including highlyskilled troops from 24 Commando, Royal Engineers.

Prepare for the worst

“While we hope for the best, we must prepare for the worst. These ships are the first responders of the UK’s plan for disaster relief in the Caribbean. We are all are proud to be working together with local authorities, helping people when they need it most.

“We have worked hard over the last few months to get ready for this role, and we will keep on training and preparing, learning from and cooperating with our partners in the Caribbean,” said Task Group Commander, Brian Trim.

Earlier this month, RFA Wave Knight delivered an assortment of aid from the people of Barbados and the World Health Organisation to St Vincent.

Individually and together, the two ships provide support and reassurance to Britain’s Overseas Territories and to Commonwealth states in the region. The ships are making a brief visit here following two weeks of exercises at sea and with US, French, Dutch and Canadian ships, have participated in Exercise Tradewinds off Guyana.

Lieutenant Sam Stallard, HMS Medway’s navigator, said: “It’s been really great to work with our partners during Tradewinds. After two weeks of training together, it will be much easier to cooperate in the months ahead.” (PR)