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LIVE UPDATES: June 26, 2021

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LIVE UPDATES: June 26, 2021
Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic. (GP)

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Key points and live updates from the June 26, 2021 media conference by Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic.


Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic:

  • In January/February, I said we needed to endure a period of short-term pain to enjoy long-term gain.
  • I have to caution everyone that we must not enjoy short-term pleasure to endure long-term pain.
  • I am not worried about the slight increase in the number of positive cases in recent days.
  • The fact that we have eased up on the restrictions is not an excuse to throw caution to the wind.
  • Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory has capacity to screen for variants
  • Some of our equipment had to be sent overseas for recalibration
  • The equipment has returned
  • Barbados will try to get vaccines from Cuba once they have received the necessary approval
  • It has never been the practice of the Ministry of Health and Wellness to name private sector businesses that had people who tested positive for COVID
  • We named Government primary and secondary schools
  • There was no dropping of the ball
  • As the soon as the information was received, the information was communicated to the Ministry of Education and the schools
  • There is no reason to hide anything
  • We now have an electronic vaccination certificate
  • It carries a bar code and a security seal
  • All people vaccinated will get an electronic certificate
  • They are to be presented for entry to events
  • This is to be used by people when they travel
  • We are falling down at the individual level
  • If we want to continue to enjoy the ease of restrictions, we have to be responsible

Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George:

  • There were 22 positive cases since June 22.
  • This is a cause for concern.
  • There are 2 family clusters and cases at a manufacturing business.
  • Positive cases at two schools – Princess Margaret and Ann Hill.
  • We indicated in January that we had community spread
  • We never said community spread had stopped
  • The best public advice is to behave as if there is community spread
  • Barbados is trying to source vaccines from multiple sources
  • Pfizer has been authorized to give vaccines to people under age 12
  • More than 100 people in quarantine
  • Most had their first test and are awaiting result of the second test
  • The reason why people are in quarantine at hotels is to try to contain the spread of COVID

Dr Corey Forde

  • 3 people in general ICU
  • 2 extremely ill – on ventilator support occasionally
  • Some pretty young individuals – in the 40-year age-group
  • Getting tested is important
  • Anyone showing symptoms should get tested
  • If we want to stay out of lockdown, follow the protocols
  • Please get vaccinated
  • Some young people have presented ill to the health care system
  • When you talk to them, they tell you they had a loss of taste, smell, a headache etc
  • They did not present to the system – they said they were not sure
  • If you are not sure, get tested
  • Two people who tested positive for COVID previously tested for COVID
  • Both are non-nationals

Dr Leslie Rollock:

Cluster in manufacturing establishment:

  • 12 people tested positive
  • This illustrates what happens when people get comfortable
  • Includes 9 in the workplace and 3 associated with the workplace
  • The second cluster is a family
  • It reaches into other places
  • There are 8 positives cases
  • They impacted another manufacturing establishment where people had to be quarantined

Head of the COVID Monitoring Unit Ronald Chapman

  • As cases fall, we are seeing complacency
  • We are becoming a victim of our success
  • Do not drop your guard in the workplace
  • COVID is completely fluid
  • Things change at the drop of a dime.
  • We need to follow the protocols.
  • In the last week, before the law courts, we had 19 COVID-related matters
  • There were 7 convictions
  • Fines ranged from $500 to $2 000

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