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Car makes unwelcomed call


Car makes unwelcomed call
The car ploughed through the fence, stopping at the front of Perly Nurse’s home. (Picture by Kenmore Bynoe)

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Perly Nurse, 87, received the shock of her life when a car cut a swath of destruction along her fence and came to rest against her Kingsland Drive, Christ Church home just before 10 o’clock Wednesday night.

“I was watching television with one of my sons when I heard the loud commotion. I was very scared, then I was more concerned for the driver, but he also asked if I was all right, so I was glad to see that he was okay.

“My son then took me to a neighbour’s house to settle my nerves and he was also worried that the gas pipe was broken. He told me ‘come, come before the gas blow up’.

“We called the fire service. However, I am still worried about the driver,” said Nurse.

She also indicated that her house was insured.

The driver declined to comment. (KB)

Car makes unwelcomed call
Some of the debris from the car was scattered across the garden. (Picture by Kenmore Bynoe)