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Hewitt: Corruption hindering growth in Barbados

Sheria Brathwaite

Hewitt: Corruption hindering growth in Barbados
Guy Hewitt (Picture by Reco Moore)

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Putting aside the COVID-19 pandemic, corruption is one of the major hindrances to the growth of Barbados’ economy.

This was one of the key points made by Guy Hewitt on Wednesday during a lunch time presentation at the Barbados Yacht Club, Bay Street, St Michael.

Hewitt is challenging Verla De Peiza for the president of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). He presented on the topic: A Path to Peace, Progress and Prosperity and said corruption was undermining the island’s economic development.

“Violence in Barbados needs to end, we need to get the guns,” he said. “We have to get those who hold them and those who facilitate their entry into this fair land of ours. We cannot allow public officials to be corrupted by the influence of drugs or those who feel that there is a quick buck for an easy way out.

“We cannot abide by those known to the courts proliferating our national footprints and giving legitimacy in the eyes of young people to feel that that is the way to go; we must do better. We need to stamp out corruption in this country.”

Hewitt said the issue with corruption was that it was entangled with political will, and going forward, all Barbadians had to do more scrutinising of who they elected to represent them.

“Opposing corruption does not simply mean good governance, it is a patriotic duty. It has been driven by political will . . . if our nation is to grow in strength and unity, the citizens of this country must call for a new cadre of politicians in all political parties who put culture before party and neighbour before self.

“It is the responsibility of all citizens to make them explain to you what they intend to do.”

Some familiar faces were among those who attended the event. These included DLP old guards James Paul and Ronald Jones, philanthropist Aron Truss, former chief executive officer at the National Cultural Foundation Cranston Browne, Barbados Yacht Club member David Leacock and Japanese Ambassador to Barbados Teruhiko Shinada. (SB)

Hewitt: Corruption hindering growth in Barbados
A section of the audience at the Barbados Yacht Club listening to Guy Hewitt’s address. (Picture by Reco Moore)