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Vocalist Mishael Haynes living his dream

Vocalist Mishael Haynes living his dream
Mishael Haynes is the production cast vocalist with Celebrity Cruises. (GP)

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Mishael Haynes is pursuing his passion of music by performing in the international market.

The former Christ Church Foundation and the St Michael School student is a production cast vocalist with Celebrity Cruises for the past two years.

What is more significant is he is the lone cast member representing Barbados.

However, his singing was put on hold when COVID-19 put most of the world on lockdowns and other restrictions.

“It was a very trying time, which really tested my patience, trying to figure out if we would ever return. The fact that we are able to even though we are still in a pandemic is something that I am truly grateful for,” he said.

Adding that all of the singers who were asked to return to Celebrity Cruises were specifically selected, he said was honoured to be amongst the rehired cast.

“The singers on Celebrity Cruises were specifically selected to be the return to service cast, so it is truly an honour and a privilege to be here. We have amazing singers from all over the world. We have singers from the United States, Scotland, England, and Australia,” he said.

The former member of Operation Triple Threat said that the experience of getting to do what he loves is overwhelming as he knew from around 17 years old that he wanted to become a singer.

“It is an amazing experience getting to do what I love and meeting people from all over as well as travelling the world. I knew around the age of 17 that it [singing] was something I wanted to pursue, and I needed to pursue it,” he said.

Haynes said that one of the highlights of his career thus far is that he has been able to meet many influential people through his contract with Celebrity Cruises such as producers, directors, and agents.

The only challenge that the production cast vocalist has thus far is missing his family as he now spends the majority of the year on the high seas.

“It is difficult being away from my family, but I have to always think that I am doing what I love. I also keep in touch with them all the time,” he said.

His advice for any young person who is seeking a career in music is to follow your passion.

“I would tell any young person even though it sounds cliché to follow your passion and always remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Intention is everything. If you are doing it for fame, then you would not last long. You need to always be willing to learn, that is how you learn and grow as an artist,” he said. (PR)