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NHC expands Affordable Housing Programme


NHC expands Affordable Housing Programme
The National Housing Corporation plans to build more houses in St Philip and St George. (GP)

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More housing is in the pipeline for low and middle-income earners.

That’s because the National Housing Corporation (NHC) today launched another Affordable Housing Programme, with 14 more houses to be constructed.

Ten will be at Rices, St Philip, and four at Applewaite’s in St George.

During the ground-breaking ceremony at Rices, this morning, Minister of Housing and Lands Dr William Duguid told the media that the 14 houses are a continuation of the project which started at Todds, St George ten months ago, as part of Government’s efforts to provide low and middle-income housing.

“You would recall about ten months ago we actually had a similar ground-breaking at Todds and I’m happy to announce that I think about 80 per cent of those houses at Todds are now complete and the hand-over process is moving very quickly and very nicely,” he said.

Regarding the project at Todds, Duguid said: “I think ten of them are complete and four are just in the final stages and we’re very happy with that project, so once that project was essentially complete we decided then to move to our second location and that would be here at Rices.”

Duguid said he is hoping that this second location under the (NHC) programme would be completed in six months.

“I’m being told by the contractors that they can get them completed in six months and they told me that the reason that they had a little setback at the previous location was because of COVID-19 and lockdowns and so forth, so I’m going to hold them to their word,” he said. (BA/KI)