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Gunmen attack home of Afghan defence minister


Gunmen attack home of Afghan defence minister
Homes and cars were destroyed and streets left filled with debris. (BBC)

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Kabul – An audacious attack on the Afghan defence minister’s house in Kabul has left at least eight dead, the first major bombing by militants in the city for nearly a year.

Bismillah Khan Mohammadi was not at home on Tuesday night as gunmen detonated a car bomb and fired shots near the heavily fortified Green Zone.

His family was evacuated and four of the gunmen killed, officials said.

The Taliban said they were behind the attack.

The group also warned of more attacks against government leaders. It comes as fighting rages in other cities after foreign troops left the country.

The UN Security Council has called for an immediate end to the violence.

More than 20 other people were reportedly wounded in the incident.

Police say four of the five attackers were also killed after they managed to enter the minister’s villa. The interior ministry said it was a suicide bomb attack.

Special forces rushed to the neighbourhood just outside the Green Zone, the heavily fortified enclave where many embassies and government buildings are located. A gun battle lasting more than three hours finally ended the assault.

“Do not worry, everything is fine!” Mr Mohammadi tweeted after the attack. (BBC)