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Group plans walk for Saturday


Group plans walk for Saturday
Ibdul Rahman. (Picture by Shanice King)

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The Barbados Concerned Citizens Against Mandated and Coerced Vaccination (BCCAMCV)) is taking a stance against what they describe as “vaccination intimidation”.

During a press conference held earlier today at Pelican Village in St Michael, Ibdul Rahman, a student minister in the nation of Islam, one of the groups associated with the BCCAMCV, said the group is staging a walk in The City on Saturday, to highlight what he said was the disapproval some members of the public have towards “mandatory and coerced vaccination”.

Rahman said the walk will start at Pelican Village and end at Independence Square, adding that the activity was intended to be a peaceful exercise.

The concerned citizens group comprises various religious and spiritual organisations, grassroots community groups, activists, business people and private individuals.

Rahman called on Government and regional governments to be mindful of their responsibility to ensure the sanctity of human rights and safety of the populations they govern.

Rahman added that the BCCAMCV was concerned about children taking a COVID-19 vaccination as it was “experimental”.

He also asked Government to be fully transparent and release all information regarding deaths, injuries or health anomalies as a result of taking the vaccine. (SB)