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Cuisine, culture inspiration behind Nation’s food drive

Cuisine, culture inspiration behind Nation’s food drive
Executive Chef Rhea Gilkes will be serving up some local favourites in the new Nation series, How To Cook Like a Bajan, which starts on Sunday. (Picture by Himal Reece.)

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Barbadian cuisine and food culture are the inspiration for The Nation’s new video series How To Cook Like A Bajan.

The multi-media cooking series is hosted by Executive Chef, Rhea Gilkes, who serves up local favourites and imagery with the historical influences behind some of Barbados’ most popular dishes such as cou cou and flying fish, fishcakes and pudding and souse.

Each episode supports local food production, sustainability and healthy alternatives by highlighting Barbadian cuisine and showing the versatility of products available from leading local distributors.

“Our food story is more than recipes, it is also the history of our food, where our ingredients come from and the people who bring this to us. We are taking you from the kitchen to our markets, farms and places of interest, all while learning new and traditional ways of preparing Barbadian cuisine,” said Gilkes.

The Nation’s Business Development Manager, Kelly Johnally said over the past year, food had become central to how people socialise and spend time at home.

She said: “On this premise, The Nation created a platform that connects suppliers and producers with our highly engaged online audience, plus a global community of food enthusiasts. We are excited to present this nine-part series that allows our partners to form a meaningful, year-round relationship with consumers at a time when interest in food and online content, is at a high”.

Viewers can watch How To Cook Like A Bajan at and on the Nation’s digital platforms on Sundays at 6:30 p.m. The first show will be on Sunday. Recipes for each show will also be published in the Sunday Sun along with highlights of key sponsor ingredients.

How To Cook Like A Bajan video series is an extension of Fine Cuisine Magazine. (PR)