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Enough AstraZeneca vaccines for second doses

Enough AstraZeneca vaccines for second doses
Major David Clarke (GP)

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There are enough doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine available for people awaiting their second injection.

Co-coordinator of the National Vaccination Programme for COVID-19, Major David Clarke, reassured members of the public that there was no need to worry vaccines would run out or expire before receiving their second dose.

He explained that the Immunisation Unit was in the process of contacting people to schedule appointments for the second shot before this batch of AstraZeneca expires at the end of August.  It was received through the COVAX facility on May 11.

“We have 18 000 people remaining who require second doses and we have 18 000 doses in storage,” he stated.

Major Clarke said at the moment, only the Sinopharm vaccine was available for first doses, but pointed out that more vaccines were expected to arrive. (BGIS)