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Some not happy Barbados left out of storyline

Some not happy Barbados left out of storyline
A crew from the Netflix show Outer Banks on the docks at Cavans Lane, The City. (Picture by Reco Moore)

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Some Barbadians expressed disappointment that the Season 2 location of the ‘Outer Banks’ Netflix series is being credited as The Bahamas instead of Barbados, where it was filmed earlier this year.

But film producers say this happens all the time and Outer Banks also did it in Season 1.

Season 2 of the popular teen/action adventure series titled The Coastal Venture started on July 30 and scenes will depict different locations in Barbados along with a high-speed police chase through Bridgetown. However, the storyline is actually based on a treasure hunt in The Bahamas.

One of the scenes also shows the beautiful West Coast mansion, Cove Spring, which was listed for sale at US$20 million last year but has now jumped to US$40 million.

A television reviewer wrote online: “The second season of Outer Banks was largely filmed in Barbados. The show runners did not clarify why they chose to film here instead of The Bahamas, but set decorator Missy Ricker did reveal how they chose the Barbados mansion called Cove Spring House. She explained to House Beautiful that two Outer Banks creators hired a location scout on the island.

“Two of our writers, Josh Pate and Shannon Burke, actually hired a local location scout in Barbados to find the location, and they saw the house and fell in love with it!” Ricker said.

He added: “I worked with several local contacts to find local artists and rented their original pieces to hang in the house, which included paintings, drawings, and even some ceramic sculpture.”

When contacted Wednesday, Annette Nias, film commissioner at the National Cultural Foundation, said the exposure was still immeasurable.

“They are not doing a tourism brochure. They are telling a story. I think it changes sometime in the series . . . . A story takes place and we would have to wait until the end to see how the series unfolds.”

She said several people benefited monetarily when the filming took place here.

“That’s what’s important. I can’t speak to this because I am not on the production side of it. I don’t work with Netflix. We were told it benefited us and all the people got paid. It’s about making money not telling people how to write their stories. They came here because it is beautiful and they are thinking of doing more filming here later,” she said.

Season 1 of Outer Banks centred on a group of teens in North Carolina, but the filming took place primarily in Charleston, South Carolina. They are

referred to as Pogues and are trying to find out what happened to John B’s father, who went missing. (MB)