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First National Day in Remembrance of Jackie Opel


First National Day in Remembrance of Jackie Opel
Jackie Opel (FILE)

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Barbados will tomorrow observe the first National Day in Remembrance of Jackie Opel, renowned spouge singer.

Opel, born Dalton Sinclair Bishop on August 27, 1937, is credited with creating spouge, which later became synonymous with Barbados.

Acting director of the National Library Service, Jennifer Yarde, said: “In addition to being his birthdate, the day is significant because he was able to make the world stand up and pay attention to music from this little island.

“A lot of younger persons may hear spouge music from time to time without recognising that it was created by a Barbadian.

“The National Library Service has a moral responsibility to promote the cultural heritage of Barbados, including the works of musicians, artistes, writers, to name a few. Jackie Opel has made a significant contribution to the musical landscape of Barbados.”