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David Ellis signs off Brass Tacks

David Ellis signs off Brass Tacks
David Ellis (FILE)

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Former media manager David Ellis this morning signed off Starcom Network’s flagship programme Down To Brass Tacks.

Ellis said “goodbye for now” but did not indicate his next move.

He did speak about preserving the independence of both the station and the programme saying “in the midst of all that is happening around us, it is an ingredient that is badly needed among media houses in the country now”.

“I still think there is a lot of scope and an important role for an independent media house in Barbados, more than one. And I would really like to see this organisation maintain that particular stance.

“If I have done anything, if I have contributed in any significant way, I hope that would be my most significant contribution,” he added, before thanking former colleagues and callers.

Ellis retired from Starcom Network in February after more than 40 years in journalism, but continued as a moderator on the very popular call-in programme Brass Tacks. (SAT)