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BCA launches new website


BCA launches new website
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Promising to provide up-to-date information, articles and easier access to purchase merchandise, the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) launched its new website, on Wednesday.

The redesigned website is one of the tools the BCA said it hoped to use to implement several initiatives aimed at raising the profile of the sport and increasing awareness about the organisation in effort to attract corporate partners.

“The user interface has been improved and the site will be easier for users to navigate,” BCA president Conde Riley said.

“It is our hope that visitors to the website will take advantage of the rich information hosted there.”

The BCA launched its #ThisIsWe campaign last year and the theme is embraced in the new website design.

The new website also has designated areas to highlight current sponsors, as well as provide advertising space to new partners.

“Our goal is to maximise the revenue generation of the site so that these funds can be reallocated to further push the development of cricket locally, whether it is through club support or scholarships for young cricketers,” BCA vice-president Calvin Hope said.

In addition to tracking upcoming matches and results, the website will also give fans the opportunity to subscribe to the BCA’s newsletter, where they may receive updates and behind the scenes content from the organisation.

The website also features a member’s only section where important documentation can be found, BCA chief executive officer Dr Roland Toppin said.

“…this member’s only section of the site will be integral to providing clubs with guides and other material that will help them to secure sponsorship,” he said.