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BARJAM calls for speedy resolution to Advocate impasse

BARJAM calls for speedy resolution to Advocate impasse
Barbados Advocate (FILE)

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The Barbados Association of Journalists and Media Workers, (BARJAM) is calling for “a speedy resolution” to the ongoing legal battle within the halls of leadership of the Barbados Advocate newspaper.

This matter, which appears to have been ongoing for months, has affected the daily printing and digital editions of the “Old lady on Fontabelle”.

But what is even of greater concern for BARJAM at this time, is the very severe consequence the prolonged matter is now having on the editorial employees who have continued to perform their professional duties on a daily basis without much murmur or complaint until now.

“Our colleagues have not been paid salaries for two consecutive months as the legal wrangle through a court injunction has resulted in the freezing of the bank accounts of the media house. This has certainly impacted negatively on the employees’ ability to meet their personal monthly commitments,” the media body said in a statement.

“While it is not BARJAM’s intention to place itself in the middle of the dispute, as it is before the law courts, we would want to urge all parties involved to do their utmost best to bring the issue to a speedy resolution . . . and allow those members of staff who are being affected, through no fault of theirs, to be able to provide for their families and meet their obligations.

“A return to a state of normalcy will also allow the Barbados Advocate which has been in operations for over a hundred years to continue to serve the Barbadian public.” (PR)